Welcome to Callum Beaumont Piping.


Building on a long career in both solo and band environments Callum has come to the fore as one of the worlds most prominent and sought after pipers.  The winner of some of the most famous competitions in world piping including the prestigious Clasp at the Northern Meetings four times and four World Pipe Band Championships amongst his many achievements.


Regularly invited to teach around the globe most recently in Australia, New Zealand and the USA he now offers his services both privately and commercially through a variety of mediums, including online tuition, group workshops and face to face meetings.

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Online and Face-to-Face Lessons suited for beginners through to advanced levelled pipers. Enquire now for your first lesson with Callum.


Purchase and listen to recordings of Callum. Everything from simple traditional tunes to competition level material, including recordings of his prize winning tunes.Please don’t hesitate to contact if you would like a specific pipe tune recorded.  

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